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Make progress together and forge ahead courageously|The Annual Meeting of Hemony Supply Chain Center is held successfully


On the afternoon of January 14, the Annual Meeting of Hemony Supply Chain Center is grandly opened in Shuitu Factory. The Chairman Lan Jianhua, COO Zhang Jianjiao, all employees of Supply Chain Center and guests from relevant departments merrily gather to celebrate the fruitful results of 2021, look forward to the new journey of 2022 and hope to make progress together and forge ahead courageously!


Scene of annual meeting

Ringing out the old and looking forward to the future, the annual meeting kicks off in the speech of the Chairman Lan Jianhua. Mr. Lan Jianhua talks about the past development of Hemony, the current situation and the infinite challenges in the future and each word inspires everyone's passionate heart.


Speech of Mr. Lan Jianhua

At the annual meeting, there are not only the moving moments of sharing values, but also the splendid cultural performances and interactive games. Let's look back on these wonderful moments together!

Farewell to the extraordinary year of 2021

2021 was an extraordinary year. With the efforts of people across the country to fight epidemic situation, protect livelihood and promote development, the prevention and control of domestic epidemic has entered normalization stage, the economy has advanced stably and the company has also made continuous progress steadily.

"The constant is change. In 2022, we need to keep pace with the times, change style and build a learning organization." Mr. Luo, Director of Supply Chain Center, mentions in his speech.


Luo Yongqiang, Director of Supply Chain Center

With goals in mind, forge ahead---value and award to outstanding employees

Looking back on 2021, the year full of rivals and hardships, the Supply Chain Center has made a lot of remarkable achievements, which cannot be separated from the hard work and efforts of every employee and the fellows who adhere to practicing the values of Hemony "harmony, innovation, integrity and dedication". 

价值观之星 (3).jpg

Share of stories involving values

Through online value appraisal activities, the company has selected the "value stars" of the Supply Chain Center in 2021. These "value stars" are specially invited to the annual meeting to share their stories and then commended and rewarded. They are: Star of Harmony---Chen Guo, Star of Innovation---Deng Kaijun, Star of Integrity---QA team and Star of Dedication---Peng Lihong. It is expected that more fellows can stand on the podium and feel proud of being an employee of Hemony and Hemony will take pride in employing these fellows. 

价值观之星 (5).jpg

2021 Star of Value

The progress and development of the company are inseparable from the endless accumulation and contributions made by outstanding employees. The 2021 Outstanding Employee of Supply Chain Center is announced and awarded at the annual meeting. 


2021 Outstanding Employee of Supply Chain Center

There are 101 "employees with different merits" in the Supply Chain Center. Who will you pick!

The most anticipated part at the annual meeting is the performance. The first one to make a brilliant appearance is the QC team. They perform the dance Charming Pose, which is youthful, energetic and vigorous, thus setting up the warm atmosphere. 

节目 (1).jpg


节目 (2).jpg

Handsome Group

The topic of blind date is inevitable during the stay at home for the Spring Festival. The handsome boys from Production Workshop perform the sketch comedy Park for Blind Date. The unique cross-gender performance and the wonderful and humorous foreshadowing words attract the audience to burst into laughter, and push the atmosphere to a climax.

节目 (3).jpg

Sketch comedy Park for Blind Date

The versatile beauties from QA team bring a novel and funny program Friday. After Friday, the weekend comes. Come on, everybody!

节目 (4).jpg

Program Friday

The grand finale is a traditional item for the Spring Festival presented by the Department of Storage and Transportation---writing the Spring Festival couplets. Mr. Chen Guo shows the vigorous and powerful brush calligraphy on the spot, and Chairman Lan's finishing touch arouses a round of applause.


Write the Spring Festival Couplets

In the exciting little game session, all the fellows on the scene are gearing up and eager to have a try. Finally, 20 lucky fellows get the gifts, which remarks the start of a lucky year!


Lucky Fellows

Endless surprises and laughter and continuous cheers and applause. The whole annual meeting ends successfully in a harmonious, warm, passionate and joyful atmosphere. The annual meeting not only brings laughter to everyone, but also closes the gap among colleagues, which plays a happy and harmonious movement of the family in the Supply Chain Center.


Group photo of all employees in Supply Chain Center

In the coming year, opportunities and challenges will coexist, and sweat and achievements will always come together! In 2022, we will unite strength with confidence, write a chapter with hard work, keep pace with the times, struggle tirelessly and create new glory together!