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Development is the absolute principle---the 2022 Annual Meeting of Business Department I ends successfully


From January 9 to January 10, "Development is the absolute principle-GAP FOR GROW"---the 2022 Annual Meeting of Business Department I is held in Chongqing. The Chairman Lan Jianhua, COO Zhang Jianjiao and leaders of many departments of Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. are invited to attend this annual meeting. All employees of Business Department I get together to celebrate the meeting ceremony. 


Scene of annual meeting

Summarize the past development and look forward to the future

The annual meeting kicks off in the speech of the Chairman Lan Jianhua, who summarizes the company's strategies and visions in depth. He says, "We will realize the development of 'extreme commercialization capacity building' with down-to-earth strategic steps in 2022".


Chairman Lan Jianhua

"Ideal and realistic"---the EOO Zhang Jianjiao, with this slogan as the theme, conveys the strength of organization and encourages employees to fulfill their duties perfectly according to their own functions by the central idea of "today, I am proud of the organization, but tomorrow, the organization must be proud of me".



The continuous development and growth of Business Department I cannot be achieved without the support and assistance of middle and back departments. In order to better carry out the work of 2022, the leaders of Financial Department, HR Department, Market Access Department and other departments make a summary and planning with respect to the relevant work in Business Department I. 


Lin Guifu, Senior Director of Business Department I

On the afternoon of January 9, Lin Guifu, Senior Director of Business Department I, gives the opening remarks with the theme "Development is the absolute principle". Mr. Lin reviews the development course, accumulated experience and achievements of Business Department I in 2021, and shares with all attendees that "there is only one kind of heroism in the world, that is, he still loves the truth of life after knowing it clearly".


Jiang Wentai, Director of Direct Sale Division of Business Department I

What happened to the outside world in 2021? Jiang Wentai, Director of Direct Sale Division, makes a review for all attendees and also planned the goals of 2022 and the future development focus while summarizing the performance of Direct Sale Division in 2021, which points out a clear development direction for all employees of Direct Sale Division. 


Work report of regional manager

Subsequently, the regional managers of Direct Sale Division successively make annual reports and express: "Direct Sale Division will move toward to the dream and come back with fruitful results." In the future, the Direct Sale Division will adhere to devoting itself to the development and construction of Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., thus enriching the dream and making the dream stronger.

Award advanced individual and establish typical image

The highly anticipated 2021 Award Ceremony for Outstanding Employees of Business Department I is held at the dinner party of the annual meeting. Three employees are awarded the Top 3 of Super Speakers, 8 awarded the Popularity and Outstanding Academic Specialist, 3 awarded the Most Popular, 4 awarded the Outstanding District Manager, 3 awarded the Support Service, 1 awarded the Outstanding Regional Manager, 18 awarded the Outstanding Employee and 1 awarded the General Manager. With the announcement of the awards, the dinner party enters the climax with a warm atmosphere. 

颁奖 (4).jpg

Determine strategy and aim at target

How to carry out market work and how to sell products cannot be separated from the support of the Market Department. On the morning of January 10, the Product Managers of Market Department respectively report the 2022 product strategies and activity plans. The outstanding product sales representatives also share the sales experience and the 4 Top Sales are awarded. Finally, under the guidance of Lu Xiuchun, Director of Market Department, all employees undergo a product knowledge test. 


In view of that the general goal has been set, how will each region achieve it? On the afternoon of January 10, each region respectively holds an online all-employee meeting and the Regional Managers, District Managers and Area Marketing Managers respectively make annual reports. In order to ensure that all employees have understood the goals of 2022, the team management requirements and the activity plans, the meetings unify the thoughts and behavior rules of all employees. 


Looking back on 2021, we have worked together to create great achievements. Looking forward to 2022, we, with the same goal, adhere to the main direction and theme of "Development is the absolute principle" and make unremitting efforts for the development of the company and Business Department I.